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C-Troop, 3/4th Cav, 25th Infantry Division

Unit Policies

1st Platoon
2nd Platoon
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Unit Policies
Helmet Graffiti

Rules and Regulations

Jungle Fatigue(top)
Jungle Fatigue(bottom)
Socks, OD Cushion Sole
T-Shirt, OD or White(thin neck band)
Trouser Belt, Black w/Solid Brass Buckle
Boxers, OD
Hat, OD Boonie(GI, not bad surplus store repro)
Jungle Boots(Period GI)
Dogtags(contact BradLaGrange for correct ASN)
Suspenders, M1956
Ammo Pouches, Universal/M1956 (x2)
Canteen Covers, M1956 (x2)
1st Aid Pouch, M1956
Pistol Belt, M1956/61
Butt Pack, M1956/61
Poncho, OD Rubberized
Canteens w/correct cap (x2)
Steel Pot with VN era straps
Liner, WWII or VN Era
Neoprene Band(VN era)
Mitchell Cover
Our unit would have carried M16A1's, M60's, M79's, 1911A1's and the occasional shotgun.   The AR-15 in M16A1 is our standard weapon.  No M1A's PLEASE! 
Some unit members are authorized CAR-15's, such as officers and certain NCO's.  They were not the weapon of the grunt in the field. 
Shotguns are authroized by the unit commander to ensure there aren't but a smattering of them through out the unit----DONT RUN OUT AND BUY A SHOTGUN!    
The above is a very basic listing of gear needed to attend battles and events.  For a complete listing see the "Enlisting" section.   
No ERDL or Tiger Stripe.  We're not MAC-V, LRRP, SOG, SEAL, Ninja, Cylon, Mousketeers or other such special impressions. 
Please contact Brad LaGrange, Tyler Murphy, or Ron Kapustka(your reigonal contact) with questions reguarding weapons, uniforms, loaner gear, events, ect. 
For wearing of awards see Unit commander or E-mail us for further Information.
At the period we portray there were several kinds of ways to display rank.  As a Pfc. joining the unit you are authorized to wear either the single "skeeter wing" style stripe or the stripe with the rocker which was appearing in Vietnam. 
The two preferred ways of displaying rank were:
1) Full sized subdued sleeve chevrons
2) Pin On style rank for the collar
Sew on rank for the collar was available but not as common. 
NO full color sleeve chevrons are to be worn. 
You may opt not to wear any rank or insignia if you wish. 
Allright, your a new GI just in from a week or two of processing at a Repple Depple.  You've baked in the sun and those new jungles you got issued at Ft. Lewis have started to fade and your boonie is FINALLY starting to train the way you want it.  Heck you may really look rough after a mix up at the laundry and you ended up with some thread bare fatigues the wrong size. 
Either way, even though as a new recruit you would have alot of newer stuff the tropical sun and all the work you've been doing has taken its toll on your uniform.  You should look faded, rumpled, and scuffed.   You'd WANT to look that way over there to try and seperate yourself from those rear area types with their stateside looking startch and crease jobs. 
Its late in the war too.  Maybe you're wearing some beads or other necklace(even if its looped through the band on your boonie)?  How about a watch on a "Conan" style band?  Montongyard or souvieneer bracelet?  Growing in a moustache?  Let your hair get a little shaggy(not to much though)? maybe sideburns a little on the long side?  
Vietnam was one of the most photographed wars in history.  We have a full and complete photo and film record available for FREE on the internet.  The stuff is availble, more so than WWII gear.  That means being farby(unauthentic) isn't just unexcusable, its just lazy and won't be tolerated.  
The point is---Look the Part.