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C-Troop, 3/4th Cav, 25th Infantry Division

1st Platoon
2nd Platoon
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Links to friends and vendors of Cannibal Troop

Supply: (US Insignia, all kinds)  (Repro theater made US Insignia) "Advisors Militaria" in Japan.  Lots of cool original and reproduction items.  Worth the look!  Makes all kinds of replica 40mm rounds, can label to VN specs.    Check it out. Email link for Ryan Chastain.  Ryan makes AFVN recordings with original commercial breaks and public service announcments.  He created these using original play lists from the period. Chuck Kenny's site.  Chuck has AFVN CD's from through out the war, other AFVN programs, and combat radio traffic recordings.  
Hannoi Hannah Recordings: Contact these people VVRN, 7807 N. Avalon, K. C., MO 64152 for recordings made by Voice of Vietnam radio and the infamous "Hanoi Hannah".   Remember these were propganda broadcasts and can range from making you laugh out loud to making your American blood boil.    Here is a link with more info
Forums: (National VN reenactor email list)

Other Units:  25th Division (27th regiment) Texas/Mississippi Based 1st Cav (2/5 Cav) PNW Based  Portrays Women's Roles WWII-VN, East Coat and Midwest Based American Infantry Preservation Assoc.  Portrays 9th Div in England. 25th Div, Living history only.  Based in the north east. American Military Impressions--GI impressions from all eras of American history up to and including Desert Storm.  Based out of the Pacific North West. Vietnam Group out of California, seem to be the only US group focusing on the Marine Corps during Vietnam(ashame too).   Living history only--impressive display shown in the photo section. 818 Viet Cong Infantry.    Main Force VC unit operating out of: KY, OH, and TN. 66th NVA Regiment, ask for Michael D. Kuhns   AO is KS, NB, IA. Not a unit but an awesome event on the east coast.  Run by good people and steadily growing.  
OTHER UNITS(Airsoft): 1st Cav(1/9 Cav)--Belgium 173rd AB Brigade--Japan Various GI/Communist impressions.  Based in Canada
REFERENCE: EXCELLENT uniform and gear reference Homepage of the real C-Troop.